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Patch 2.4.1 Update for Diablo III

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 14, 2016
Diablo III

Another patch update is just around the corner to freshen up your game-play in Diablo III. Patch 2.4.1 is going to be a treat, especially treasure hunters.


Wings, new transmogrification items, new pets – these are just a few updates that Diablo fans can look forward to with this upcoming patch. I’m excited to see the new transmogrificiation patterns that are going to hit, gotta look good when fighting demons! These new patterns are going to be in the form of ‘common-quality’ items that drop off of certain entities and can also be found in rare chests littered all throughout Sanctuary. Other items can be found in hidden realms of Adventure Mode while you can find others off of particular Rift Guardians.


Transmog patterns aren’t the only new thing coming, new pets are on the horizon as well! Before now, there were only a small amount of non-combat pets available to players and a good portion of those pets were only obtainable as a seasonal reward. Battle.net decided that everyone deserved some pet companion goodness so expect some interesting new companions to stay by your side for the hunt!

See the squirly little guy above? Take him out and he’ll leave behind one of the few new companions available for players when 2.4.1 hits.

The more seasoned and dedicated players aren’t being left behind in the dust either. The patch also comes bearing some extra-rare rewards throughout Sanctuary for the more diligent hunters. Think you’re nephalem has got what it takes to track down all of the new rarities that are going to hit? Step up because featured above are just a few of the items you can find (and wings!).

Lots of cool things on the horizon for Season 6 of Diablo III. You can see all of the official patch notes on Battle.net. Happy hunting!

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