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You Could Pay Rent For The Cost of These Minnie Mouse Heels

written by Quinzel Lee July 3, 2017
Minnie Mouse yellow heels

The Disney franchise is everywhere. And anything having to do with Minnie Mouse is sure to be a hit. Surely if money is no object, I will certainly not judge you for purchasing the below heels. But don’t say I didn’t warn you about the price tag.

Shoe label Oscar Tiye, started by Italian designer¬†Amina Muaddi, has a huge array of pumps and stilettos on their site. Some of which would be a cosplayer’s dream (should they be able to conquer walking in them first).

The Minnie Mouse heels do not disappoint. These would be perfect from anything from a night on the town to a fashionista Minnie Mouse cosplay. However, the price tag begs one question: do you also enjoy eating?

Minnie Mouse Heels by Oscar Tiye

So here’s the kicker. According to SimpleMost.com, “Prices range anywhere from $450 on sale to over $700 for the very latest styles within the collection.” Holy cow! For that price, you could go into Disneyland and meet Minnie Mouse herself.

There are a few other sites that are selling the heels for a tad cheaper. Sites such as ModeSens, and NET-A-PORTER have the shoes available for, meh, a little less steep of a price.

If you are looking for something a little less fashion and a little more, obviously Minnie Mouse, Amazon has these lovely heels with Mickey and Minnie shown on the back. No mistake of what character it is there.

What do you guys think? Would this be a purchase you would consider saving up for? What kind of cosplays would you have planned for these shoes? Do you plan on taking the money you would spend on the shoes and just make a trip to Disneyland and meet Minnie Mouse herself? Sound off and let us hear you in the comments below.

Minnie Mouse heels on top of shoe box

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