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Payday Series Announces Third Installment

written by Matt "Chewy" Ruppert May 31, 2016

Since the series first released in 2011, it has been stealing (ah-ha, do you see what I did there?) the hearts of fans. Starbreeze Studios, who owns Overkill Studios that develop the Payday series, released a statement today that they have secured the rights for the title for about $30 million USD from the publisher 505 games. The statement also states that 505 Games will retain around 33%  of the revenue shares from future sales of Payday 3 with a cap of $40 million USD. That being said, Starbreeze Studios confirms Payday 3 will happen.

The CEO of Starbreeze Studios Bo Andersson Klint also made a statement on the Payday series:

“PAYDAY is very close to my heart, and has laid the foundation for Starbreeze success in recent years. We’re very excited to bring our heisters home to the safe house. To start with, we believe in the continued success of PAYDAY 2 and will support it for at least another 18 months continuing expanding the game.”

Pay Day

No further information has been released about Payday 3 at this time other than the fact that they plan on building the game and making revenue. However, based on the statement from Klint, chances are they are going to spend near future focusing on the previous title in the franchise.

What have you liked so far in the Payday series that you would like to continue or enhance for Payday 3? What did you dislike about the previous title that you hope they leave out of the next game? Let us know in the comments below!