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Capcom Offers Another Peek at Resident Evil 7 (VIDEOS)

written by Jason Marcano October 25, 2016

The steady stream of teasers for Resident Evil 7 is still flowing. It will continue to do so for some time as Capcom are merely on videos five and six of a planned 10. In the most recent pair of unnerving—in a good way—videos we get the first looks at two new mechanics.  As always, there is more information on Resident Evil 7 in the videos upon closer examination.

Healing and More

This first video will give you a general idea on how healing with the green herb will work.

As you can see, like in past RE titles, the green herb restores health. That much was easy to deduce for any gamer. This video highlights more than what the herb does, it also shows item combination making a return. Taking the green herb and mixing it with the first aid medicine creates a more potent concoction. The animation for the heal is also an improvement. In the past the characters would spray on healing product or pop pills to recover health. The way it’s done in Resident Evil 7 keeps with the immersive vibe Capcom is going for.

Shots Fired!

For the first time, feast your eyes on Resident Evil 7’s combat!

We saw the guns, now we see what they do to enemies. There is an obvious weight to the handgun. The bullets’ crack echo down the dusty hall. The impacts land with satisfying pops. But then, something strange happens. The pursuer convulses and falls to the ground in a heap. Our protagonist presses on, unaware of the nightmare he’s really in. The old man, while not a zombie, is certainly something other than human. He rises, brandishing his spiked weapon.


This video gave me strong Resident Evil: Nemesis  vibes – the unkillable enemy, the relentless pursuit. It looks like maybe Capcom is going to provide less enemies overall, but the ones that are there will be more frightening than just another zombie. So far it’s proving difficult to see zombie dogs or Lickers fitting into this world.

The more we see of Resident Evil 7, the more you can see Resident Evil in RE7. What is really going on here? Who is this family? What do you geeks think of these previews? Do you have any theories of  what will be in this game? Let us know in the comments. While you’re here, you can enter to win a PlayStation VR and get the opportunity to play Resident Evil 7 in a fully immersive way.

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