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People Say “Good-Bye Game” to “No Man’s Sky”

written by Jason Marcano August 28, 2016

It’s no secret that the majority of gamers who purchased the lauded No Man’s Sky are not happy with the game they got versus the game they were lead to believe existed. A comprehensive Reddit post, which has since been taken down from the site, but has since been archived on a site titled “One Man’s Liegoes into comprehensive detail of what was not included in the final product. That post is just the tip of the asteroid that downed No Man’s Sky and left it adrift in the vast loneliness of space.

Reading through the post on “One Man’s Lie” it is easy to see why basically everyone who bought Hello Games’ too good to be true game feel as though they have been shafted. The one man PR team that is Sean Murray sold his game to the world through hyped press releases, over zealous TV spots, and gussied up videos online.

Just type “Sean Murray” into YouTube and you will see the prodigious vitriol being slung at him and the game.

In the wake of such customer dissatisfaction refunds (or lawsuits) are an inevitability. However, many digital outlets have strict rules on when they can or won’t issue a full refund for a game. Most of the time the restictions boil down to the amount of time put into the game or how long the game has been owned. Many online retailers are ignoring these rules for No Man’s Sky.

In a massive thread, one that started on Reddit and recently bled over onto NeoGaf, it would appear that Sony, Amazon, and even Steam are issuing full refunds for No Man’s Sky regardless of time played or owned. Some are claiming to have played the game for over 50 hours.

NoMansSky refund1

This thread on NeoGaf has been growing rapidly since it started yesterday evening. It doesn’t show signs of slowing anytime soon as evident by the fact that the PC user base for No Man’s Sky has plummeted.

Now, I have my own opinions of NMS and I stick by them. It’s a great way to escape and have some fun with a game that requires almost zero mental input. I won’t be getting a refund anytime soon. But if you want one, it seems like now would be the time to try.

In an effort for damage control, Sean Murray and the crew at Hello Games have been steadily rolling out patches since the game’s launch. One look at the Twitter page makes this evident. In fact, version 1.07 just installed on my PS4 last night.

These patches, while improving quality of life in the game, are not adding the features many were expecting. Features like: Factions that matter and we can align ourselves with. Planetary physics in which solar systems behave like they do in real life, with the planets revolving around the sun and having dynamic day and night cycles. Among many other touted features not in the final product.

There is other news that may be prompting the rapid refund requests. In a recent online interview with UK site the “Daily Star,” Sean Murray had this to say about DLC and the promised “free” updates:

“”Maybe in the future there’s some reason why we just couldn’t possibly afford to do a certain feature without charging for it”.”

He also said they were “perhaps naive” for ever suggesting that No Man’s Sky would receive nothing but free updates. And therein lies the crux of the problem; Naivety.  It’s a word one could use to describe every aspect from the creation to the release of this game. The reason so many just aren’t happy with the final product.

Where do you geeks stand? Do you still enjoy anything NMS has to offer? Are you clamoring for a refund? Do you have the patience to wait it out? Maybe it will get better. Let us know in the comments which side of the fence you are on.

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