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Pesky Netflix errors on Apple TV? We may have the fix for you if you are outside the US

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 3, 2016

I have had so many of my buddies recently complaining online of issues while using streaming services like Netflix and Hulu while on their Apple TV. Is your Netflix not working on your Apple TV? Well we might have found a fix for you if you…by setting up a Smart DNS Proxy Service. Now this fix will only work for Canada and other countries than the US. So US peeps your out of luck.

If you are not sure what a Smart DNS Proxy is or what it does for you, check out what the nerds over at Wikipedia have to say about Smart DNS Proxy Servers.

A smart DNS proxy server enables a client, such as a computer or mobile device, to access region-restricted or blocked content from anywhere in the world. A connection between the client and the site serving restricted content is established through a proxy server located within the approved areas for streaming or downloading the content. Unlike a virtual private network (VPN) proxy, a smart DNS proxy does not encrypt communications and does not direct all internet traffic via the proxy. Instead, it selectively directs traffic for certain sites, typically those of popular streaming services, via the proxy. This is achieved by overriding selected DNS entries so that DNS queries resolve to the addresses of a proxy rather than the real server. As with a VPN proxy, this allows a user to stream or download content which is normally blocked for viewing by people within that region.


Now that your brain is fried from all the geeky jargon just know that doing this will alleviate any issues with streaming and open up so much of these programs like Netflix and Hulu. Keep in mind this only works outside of the US. Check out the full read on Proxy Servers from Wikipedia.

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