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Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Grass Effect Z7 Mech Statue Review

written by Liana "LiLi" R. April 4, 2016


Gamers of all ages have been enjoying Plants vs. Zombies since it came to consoles, PC, and mobile devices in May of 2009. The spoof of “Grass Effect”, combining Bioware’s Mass Effect and the gimmicky and way too enjoyable PvZ into one epic fusion, finally became a reality with the sequel: Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2. This epic statue by PopCap stands approximately 8 inches tall and with a whole lot of sass.

I’ve got to give it to PopCap, this figure is just fun. Whether you are a fan of Plants vs Zombies or of Mass Effect (or both!), this figure is interesting in its own right. The materials used are plastic but the painting and the dimension to the mech is what makes it stand out. Though completely stationary, there is enough going on to retain interest. Perched upon a simplistic rocky foundation, the mech takes full aim with the very recognizable gun inspired by the Mass Effect gun, the M7 Lancer.

Beneath the transparent red plastic you will find a happy surprise. He may be a gun-toting, mech wearing fighting machine, but that doesn’t stop the featured imp from flashing the peace sign with a big ‘ol grin on his face. Both the imp and the mech are wearing N7 inspired armor from the detailing of the helmet, to the red and white stripe down the shoulder pieces. This figure has a ton of tidbits from the Mass Effect games hidden throughout the entire piece.


But this isn’t just a flashy figure, this bad boy can be played in-game with weapons inspired by the Omni-blade, the M8 Assault Rife, and the silenced M-11 featured throughout the Mass Effect Trilogy. This figure comes with loads of digital content for GW2 lovers:

  • Legendary Character Pack – Comes with the character that the figure is modeled after; the Z7 Imp and Mech variant
  • Phenomenal Character Pack – 5 mystery items to help unlock a “Rare” or “Super rare” character
  • Extaordinary Pack – 6 items containing customizers and consumables alike, guaranteed at least one Rare item
  • PvZ Coin Pack – 300,000 PvZ coins to make purchases available inside the in-game shop

Image property of PopCap team during character development stages


This collector’s item is a GameStop exclusive and is available both in store and online for $99.99.

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