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PlatinumGames President steps down

written by Branden H April 21, 2016

Tatsuya Minami stepped down late last month from his role as the leading developer for PlatinumGames according to recent reports and has been replaced by Executive Director Kenichi Sato. The news broke as the company celebrates its 10th anniversary and just a day before their joint game with Nintendo Star Fox Zero is released. Minami started with Capcom before he left company in 2006 to form ODD Incorporated and later on his company joined forces with Seed, Inc. to form PlatinumGames.


PlatinumGames has a history of odd ball games that are surprisingly good. Mad World and Bayonetta both showed off flowing combat mechanics along side an over the top story. Let’s face it, it’s not every day you can watch someone kicking ass with her hair and guns on her feet.


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