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Play Hearthstone get 13 Free Expansion Packs

written by Branden H April 26, 2016
A troll ready to play hearth stone

Players of the popular game Hearthstone will have a chance at 13 free expansion packs when the latest expansion Whispers of the Old Gods is released tomorrow. Now, thanks to Reddit user AdamNW, we know how to get them. As with everything in life, it won’t be an easy road but, In order to get all 13 free packs you will need to get to playing during the expansions opening week.

  1. Three packs are awarded just for logging in (Yay! no effort)
  2. Legendary C’Thun and two buff cards also for logging in (Free legendary!)
  3. In order to get the next five packs you will have to win 2 games in Hearthstone’s new “Standard” Format
  4. Slog through 7 more matches in the new format and you get your last five packs.

Thirteen packs of cards is a good way to get started, especially if you are deciding to give the game a chance after missing an expansion or two. Standard format is something new to Hearthstone but has been around in traditional Trading Card Games (TCG’s) since the advent of tournament play. In Blizzard’s world, this new standard format will only include cards sets that have been released either in the current calendar year or the previous. ¬†Standard format will only be available in the basic game modes, such as Ranked play and Casual, and not the popular Tavern Brawl (though Blizzard has said it’s a possibility from time to time) and they have confirmed it will be the way to go for their official tournaments. I’d wager it will be that way for the unofficial ones as well.


That also means cards from earlier sets are unable to be used if they fall out of this window but, the benefit to this is many fold. It allows Blizzard to focus more on creating new cards and tweaking only the newest cards first and while revisiting older cards at a time of their choosing. Because your favorite early card isn’t available for standard format play, they do not have to worry about it crushing their newest creations. This way players can hold on to their old favorites and the Hearthstone team can continue to stay ahead of the game by focusing on a few cards that break the mold vs several.

The idea of standardization is nothing new to TCG’s and the fact that Hearthstone has gotten on the bandwagon means it wants to see itself a serious contender in the growing eTCG market. It certainly is one of the easier games to pick up but, by mimicking the standard tournament play format, it might draw more hardcore TCG fans over to its side. ¬†It should be interesting to see how things shake up in the coming weeks and months with Hearthstone.


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