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PlayStation 4.5 – Here’s What We Know

written by Liana "LiLi" R. June 7, 2016
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With DHTG repping our Geek pride over at E3 this year in person, we’ve been scrambling for any and every crumb of knowledge in prep for the big conference. One of the rumored big reveals for the Sony side is the unveiling of their updated PlayStation console, the 4.5.


Though the new console most likely won’t go by the name PlayStation 4.5, the internet has dubbed the updated console with the placeholder name until an official title is announced. Rumors are endless so DHTG wants to make sure that our readers are up to date. Here’s the lowdown:

Kotaku actually began the rumor circuit on this one back in March where they mentioned that Sony was sending out the appropriate messages to publishers and developers about their upcoming, upgraded hardware so that the new games could be tinkered to match.

The Wall Street Journal backed up these claims stating evidence of an impending upgraded version of the initial PS4.

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According to reports, the PS4.5 will be able to support games at a 4k resolution due to an upgraded GPU and an increased amount of processing power. This pairs perfectly with Virtual Reality (VR) on the horizon, as it gives developers the means to create even more visually stunning games for a system that can now support it. With the PC VR sets on the rise, like the Oculus Rift and the HTC Hive, this upgraded power boost to aid visual progression will only help Sony in the budding market of VR.

So what are the specs? In a report by Giant Bombthey compared the current PS4 to the PS4.5: 

PS4 Current – 1.6GHz CPU, GPU AMD GCN 18 CUs at 800 MHz, 8GB of DDR5 RAM at 176 GB/s

PS4.5 – 2.1GHz CPU, 26 CUs at 911 MHz, RAM at 218 GB/s

The PS4.5 was codenamed under the alias “Neo” and is rumored to have the same $399 price point. But now with the difference is hardware capibilities, developers are now expected to make two versions of every title releasing for the system – one for the original and one for the 4.5. Weird, right? Maybe, but at least that means that original PS4 owners won’t be left behind in the dust with new games.

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Giant Bomb also stated in their report that patches will be available for the original PS4 to bring it up to PS4.5’s standards graphically. It looks like the only difference tangible experience between the two consoles is that the newer one with have VR capability whereas PS4 owners will not have that same luxury.

As for what the console in question will look like, no one really knows. In previous console history, the Xbox 360 changed dramatically with newer models being released, as did the PS3. One can speculate that it might be smaller, more compact – but as of right now there is nothing concrete supporting that.

DHTG will be live on-site at this year’s E3 Press Conference with Geek and LiLi, so we will be sure to give you the latest and greatest in gaming news straight from the source.

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