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Playstation 4 Pro International GIVEAWAY Sponsored by Beat That Geek

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg February 25, 2017

Sports fans hold on to your seats. Beat That Geek has jumped in with DHTG to sponsor another kick ass giveaway! I am sure by now most of you have heard about this new sports game that has launched called FireFan. We sat down with Beat That Geek (No relation to Don’t Hate The Geek) and had him walk us through it. This app blew our geeky mind. Being able to compete on a worldwide level with friends in all of my favorite sports like Football and Basketball is awesome. Giveaway at the bottom of the post.


One thing that really stands out to me about the FireFan app is how social it is. I am always able to either start a game, join a game or just chat with my friends and talk trash (which you all know I love to do). ¬†One issue I always have with apps is that I find myself playing alone…not the case with FireFan. The other wicked thing that Beat that Geek told us all about, is the ability to take him on personally. He will be doing random giveaways and playing in the games himself as well. I know I personally plan on kicking his ass here and there.

While playing the game is free, you do have the “Freemium” aspect of the game where you can benefit by paying for tokens or subscriptions, but this is not a requirement. We made sure that you can actually play forever and not spend a dime…anyone can watch an ad earning them free tokens every single day. Which I loved because this made the game free if you choose to play it this way. I also loved that you can cash in your tickets in the Pro Shop for all kinds of badass swag and gift cards. I couldn’t believe you can even win vacations by just playing a game!!!!

So game play of the app looks amazing in full HD graphics. No charts, graphs or any of that crap. Everything is very easy to get going and making your calls of what is going to happen in the plays, rounds, quarters, etc.. of your favorite sport game. You think he is going to run the ball in or pass? You make the calls. Winners get mad bragging rights.


Beat That Geek wanted to jump on and have some fun with DHTG so, he came in with an awesome giveaway. Beat that Geek has a brand new Playstation Pro 4K gaming console for one of you lucky geeks. Simple to enter. Check out the game block below and follow each step to get your points. Be sure and use the link to download the game via Android or Apple. Log in to the specified game and that is it. You can get the other points by making sure to follow Beat That Geek and DHTG on some of our socials…and sharing! Get to it and we hope to see some of you on the app!

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