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Playstation Neo real, no show at E3 confirmed.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 10, 2016

It's a ps4

Geeks, we all have been speculating and rumor mongering about the Playstation Neo 4K unit. We’ve even thought it might be at E3 this year. Before the annual conference of nerds can even begin, Sony is dropping some serious bombs.

Sony bigwig Andrew House, ye of Sony Interactive Entertainment, was very forthcoming in a recent interview. While he had some good to say, he also had some bad. I flipped a coin and the bad won so you get that first about the PS4 Neo.

The Neo, while being developed for “hardcore” gamers, is going to cost more than the selling like hotcakes $350 price. We all saw what happened to the Xbox One when it tried a premium product at a higher price point. Will the same happen to the PS4.5? ┬áTime will tell. The other bit of unfortunate news is that the souped up console will not be making a head turning appearance at E3 next week. Yes, I know, everybody was sure we’d see it, much like we’re convinced we’ll see the new Xbox consoles. So sad but them’s the breaks.

With those two heartaches, what kind of Neo news could possibly be good, right? House went on to tell gamers that all games will work with the standard edition PS4 and “most” should be compatible with PS4.5. The new console will also be great for those have the newest in new of TV tech – 4K.

Sony is planning on pushing out some excellent services for those that stick with them. They’re going to get Vue Internet TV going and as for the music addicts there will be a music service that hooks into Spotify, my hands down winner for steaming music service.

It's a VR headset

What about VR you ask? We hear you and so does Sony. Yes the Neo will be tailor made for it but the standard PS4 will also work for with it.

It’s actually a good thing that Sony is holding off on debuting the Neo. E3 can be about all the wonderful games this year! What do my geeks feel about the Neo? Going to upgrade? Glad you held off? Ready player one and go for the comments.

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