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Playstation-themed shoes? Nike Just Did It

written by Alex Lopez January 22, 2018

Sony has been dominating the gaming market every since the Playstation 4 launched. Now it seems like they are aiming for the apparel market as well. Sony teamed up with Nike and NBA star Paul George to bring a new shoe to the market. Introducing the PG-2 Playstation Colorway.

While it may not be Sony’s wheelhouse, Nike knows a thing or two about basketball shoes. And these shoes make a statement. Paul George called the partnership¬† a “long time coming”, saying that, like most of us, loved video games since childhood. “Just like basketball, I’ve had a knack¬† for video games since I was a kid” said George. In the Playstation blog post, George talked more about the collaboration. “Working with designers from both Nike and Playstation, we took inspiration from the console’s DualShock 4 controller”. These shoes are definitely something to behold.


Along with the DualShock design, the tongues of the shoes have the PG and Playstation logo. Both logos light up blue much light the console does when turned on. There is also a unique PG Dynamic Theme on the liner of the shoe. And if you like the theme, you can download it for your PS4 using the download code on the heel of the left shoe. As awesome as these shoes look, they will for sure turn some heads on the court.

PG-2 Playstation Colorway

This is the first time that Sony has done something like this. While they do have an apparel store, teaming up with Nike is a first for the gaming arm of Sony. I’m not sure how most people feel about the shoes, but I for one think they are awesome. This just goes to show that the gaming community is a large one. One that expands from regular people to sports stars. For those wondering, the PG-2 Playstation Colorway shoes will be available on February 10th for $110. Better get them fast.

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