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The plug that will reset your router

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 10, 2016
Reset Plug

Reset Plug

When the internet goes down, again, we usually find that all we need to do is reset the router. Sometimes it can be a bit more complicated and you might have to find your belking router ip to get things moving. But more often that not, the solution is resetting the router. Sounds simple enough, but then you have to get down on your hands and knees to fish the router out from the tangle of wires behind your desk. It’s particularly frustrating when you’re helping that friend or relative that doesn’t know a thing about computers and they’ve called you up, sounding deeply troubled, asking you to fix it.

This smart new Reset Plug from Multinet will save you the trouble. It monitors your internet connection and automatically turns your WiFi router off and back on again whenever it detects a loss of connection. It will continue to reset for five minutes until service is restored.

$59.99 seems a reasonable price to me. Maybe not for myself. Sometimes I need an excuse to get away from my desk. However I can see it being a huge benefit to those with infirmities or disabilities, or for the friend who calls you every time the internet goes down, or even to parents. When children are whining and crying about the internet being down, you can tell them it’ll will be back reset in a minute or two and continue what you’re doing.

Matrix Router Fix

The only downside? Losing your tech-hero-genius status to a reset plug!

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