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More Pokémon Go+ details emerge from E3 2016.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 15, 2016

Pokémon Go is hotly anticipated as geeks of all ages are ready for the mobile game to hit cell phones and other devices. While they wait, they want to know more about the stand alone device, Pokémon Go+. Thanks to the rest of Nintendo’s E3 2016 coverage, we have a nice set of details about it.

It's Pokémon Go+

The Pokémon Go+ is a device meant to keep Go players from being stuck watching their phones constantly, because that could hurt. Just clip it to a belt or backpack strap and when an available Pokémon is nearby, it will light up green. Press the handy dandy button and throw a virtual pokeball. There is no guarantee you will catch said Pokémon and the Go+ will light up accordingly if you do or not.

The Pokémon Go+ is set to retail this July for just shy of $35. That tells us that Pokémon Go should launch right around then too. Since Nintendo is being tight lipped about the official date, we’re left guessing. Players who do download the app will also find themselves directed to places in the real world to purchase the Go+, which is handy.

It's Pokémon Go+

Okay geeks, what do you think about the Go+? Would you be willing to purchase it to keep playing without having your eyes worn out by a device screen? I think it’s a smart move on Nintendo’s part and it’s cheap enough that most kids can afford it too. Choose your Pokémon carefully and have them battle it out in the comments below.

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