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Pokemon Go Gameplay Leaked [VIDEO]

written by Lunchbox85 April 27, 2016

I hope you guys are ready for a work out because if what we saw from this leaked footage of Pokemon Go is true then the quest to Catch’em all is going to require a lot of walking. Jokes aside though, this new video shows us many of the games features such as gym battles, egg hatching, and the leveling system. Of course, egg hatching means taking long walks and nature hikes as you wait for the egg to hatch after walking a certain distance much like the video games.

Gyms and leveling are very different with the upcoming game. With gyms centered around being a competition between three teams for control verses leveling focusing on the player and his accomplishments as opposed to the Pokemon.

We also see footage of the user ‘Darkathion’ catching Pokemon which we already got a sneak peak of with the last leak, though watching Darkathion struggle to throw his pokeballs just right to capture a Vulpix certainly makes me feel like I should start working on my aim now before the game is released, perhaps with a baseball or a tennis ball.

The game seems to becoming along nicely though, and with this still just being the beta hopefully we’ll see more features being added.

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