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Pokémon Go Has Positive Effect for Player’s Mental Health

written by Jordan Cobb July 15, 2016

Pokémon Go has finally come out for iOS and Android systems and its certainly gotten everywhere. Players are out and about in the world, finding and catching Pokémon in some fun and weird places. Much has been said about that, but one unexpected result from Pokémon Go is how the game is improving the mental health of some of its players.


Players have taken to Twitter and Tumblr to discuss how much its helping with their depression and social anxiety, that it gives them a reason to get out of bed and explore the world outside.

Going out and trying to catch Vaporeon will certainly make the minefield of negative thoughts in your head a little smaller. It has been proven via studies how going outside and walking about in nature does wonders for one’s mental health as it provides walkers a calm environment and more positive thoughts.

So whenever you might need a good boost when you’re down, putting on your shoes and trying to capture Pidgeot might just help keep that depression at bay. What a time to be alive.

What do think about this? Is Pokémon Go helping with your own depression? Has it improved your mental health? Let us know in the comments below!

Pokémon Go is free to download for all iOS and Android devices.

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