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Pokemon Gold & Silver Are Coming To The Virtual Console

written by David Hayes June 10, 2017
Pokemon Gold and Silver title screens back to back

Fans will soon be able to buy the 2nd Gen on the 3DS eShop!

Pokémon Gold and Silver are arguably the best games in the series. For the first time, fans were treated to 150 new Pokémon and a new world to explore but this generation did things that would never be done again. Thanks to the help of the late, great Satoru Iwata developers were able to push the GameBoy to its limit. Not only did players have a new world and new Pokémon, they also had everything that came before it. For the only time in Pokémon’s history, fans could catch most of the Pokémon from the first Gen and even go on a second journey through the first map. Eight familiar gym leaders, a second go at the elite four, and even a mystery final boss. Because of this, Gold, Silver, and their direct follow-up Crystal have more playtime and replay value than any other Pokémon game.

Newer fans got a taste of Gen 2 in Pokémon Go’s last big update, now they’ll get an opportunity to play these awesome games! Pokémon Gold and Silver hit the 3DS eShop on September 22. These new releases are of the original games, not the HeartGold and SoulSilver remakes released for the DS in 2010. They release the same day as Pokken Tournament DX on the Switch and a few months before Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon come out on the 3DS.

They’re coming with new features.

These virtual console titles will be compatible with the 3DS’ internet features, allowing players to battle and trade with friends. Players will also be able to transfer their Pokémon to later Gens through the Pokémon Bank. You’ll also still be able to use the game’s time capsule feature to trade with the virtual console red, blue, and yellow titles. All without a link cable! Most definitely a welcomed and deserving addition to the 3DS eShop.

Are you excited for the return of Gold and Silver? What are you favorite second generation Pokémon? Let us know in the comments!

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