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Pokémon Movie a GO! Legendary Entertainment Gains Rights

written by Jason Marcano July 21, 2016

When Pokémon GO was released earlier this month no one could predict how explosive it would be. Its popularity has been launched into the stratosphere, and the fan-base hasn’t been this enormous since the late 90s. It’s gotten to where, whenever we see someone on their phone doing anything but talking, we automatically assume they are playing Pokémon GO. They’re also probably on the wrong team. (Valor or Instinct)

Pokemon Articuno


Mere days after being released into the wild Pokémon GO stirred some pretty big pots with very deep pockets. As is with most things with a cultural resonance this strong, Hollywood now wants a piece of the action.

Studios began scrambling to secure the rights to a live-action Pokémon movie. It was a long fight, blood may have been spilled. In the end, when the dust settled, one studio emerged victorious: Legendary Entertainment. For those that don’t know, Legendary Entertainment is the studio behind Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, the recent Warcraft adaptation, as well as many other geek approved flicks.

Reportedly Legendary is planning on making a live-action Detective Pikachu movie. Production on the project is supposed to start next year according to a report by Deadline.


Detective Pikachu is a 3DS game that has yet to make its way out of Japan, where it was released in February of this year. There still hasn’t been any formal announcements as to whether or not we in the states, or those outside of Japan, will ever see this game. Although I would venture a guess that this movie deal will more than likely guarantee the games inevitable world wide release.

Detective Pikachu, the game, is about a Pikachu who can talk. This Pikachu isn’t as battle ready as the rest of the other Pikachus. However, he is highly intelligent and a (self-proclaimed) great detective. Pikachu soon befriends a boy named Tim and the two solve mysteries, and drink coffee in cafés, around the city.

Pokemon detective pikachu

I have to admit, Detective Pikachu is not what I was expecting at all when Legendary announced their acquisition of the Pokémon franchise. What about you geeks? Were you hoping that a more traditional Pokémon story was being told here?

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