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Ascension TCG Promo Pack 5: Now You’re Playing With Portals

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson November 28, 2016
Ascension Immortal Heroes

Check out Stone Blade Entertainment’s Promo Pack 5 on the Ascension app on Steam! The game is 50% off until the end of the Autumn sale on November 29th. Stone Blade Entertainment is at it again with some fantastic promo packs for app platform of Ascension.

There are five promo packs for the app version of Ascension. The best by far is Promo Pack 5, which features portals that transport cards. A portal card appears in place of a typical card, and if you buy it any hero or construct from any released Ascension set will appear. This means that you could buy a portal costing one rune, but get a card worth eight runes!

The addition of the portals alone changes gameplay completely. When runes are hard to come by you can acquire high cost cards through portals. There is also a Christmas-morning type of excitement when the card you get to acquire is shown to you. The element of risk makes the payoff that much better!

game board ascension Promo Pack 5

In addition to the randomly spawning portals there are three new cards in the center deck. Æther Curator is a hero that banishes a card in the center row, replaces it with a portal, and lets you draw a card. Additionally Ætherspring Witch gives the player a choice to either gain 3 honor or acquire a portal in center row at no cost. Finally Tollmaster Ky’lek is a monster that replaces all cards in the center row with portals. If you defeat it, you gain 6 honor and acquire all portals at no cost! These cards support the portals by letting plays create them and acquire them more easily. If you can monopolize the two hero cards, the game will play out in your favor.

While Promo Packs cannot be played on their own, Promo Pack 5 makes an excellent addition to all Ascension app gameplay! I have found that it is the most compatible with Immortal Heroes or the original version of the game. The portals are very fun to navigate around and add enjoyable complexity to the game.

Ascension Immortal Heroes Promo Pack 5

Have you ever played Ascension with a Promo Pack? Will you try portals? Let us know in the comments below!

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