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Possible new images shown for Borderlands 3

written by Alex Lopez March 2, 2017

Fans of the Borderlands series, myself included, are not so patiently waiting for the next installment. During Epic Games’ GDC keynote on March 1st, Randy Pitchford did nothing more than make the wait worse. For those waiting for Borderlands 3, here is something to whet your appetite.

The Gearbox CEO showed off images that the Borderlands 3 development team has been experimenting with. These images are produced using the Unreal Engine 4 and they look amazing. The team is working hard trying to come up with a new style for the game, while also keeping what made Borderlands special in the first place.

While the images look great, Pitchford was very clear about the fact that these images are NOT final assets. While these are not official game images, we get a pretty good idea what the next game could look like. With the PS4 Pro already out and the Xbox Scorpio on the way, Borderlands 3 could be more amazing than before. So what about the game itself? ‘We’re working on it.” said Pitchford. “We’ll get you soon. I hope so, Randy. I hope so.


Sound off geeks! Do these images make you yearn for more Borderlands?

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