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Power Rangers Movie Answers Questions That Mighty Morphin Never Did

written by Quinzel Lee April 2, 2017
power rangers holding power coin

The ’90’s were a time where school buses were magical, Princes were fresh, and we all were super thankful for Fridays. Similar to now, there was even a Power Rangers Movie in theaters. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was at its height then. Millions of kids, including myself, were glued to their T.V. screen every week to see what the Rangers were up to. It was a time where you had to live under a rock to not know about the Power Rangers.

mighty morphin power rangers fight stance

So it’s no surprise that I was excited to hear about Power Rangers being made into a movie. Even though plenty has changed in 25 years, I had high hopes that the movie could give me that same feeling the original series did when I was five years old.

Once the movie was announced, I decided to take a look at the very first episode on Netflix. Be glad I did this so you didn’t have to, because holy hell, what was I thinking? As a kid, I was glued to the T.V. every time it came on. But now, as an adult, I notice so many plot holes, the story arc leaves much to be desired, and the backstory…well, what backstory? I ended the episode with so many questions. First, so…why Zordon? Why did they just up and accept the role of Power Rangers, no questions asked? Why is Alpha 5 so afraid of teenagers? Do the writers have no idea what a plot is?

I hoped maybe the new movie would give me the answers I yearned for. So I got my childish self to a movie theater Sunday at 10pm. I was excited but also worried when I arrived because, well, aside from two other people, the theater was empty. No, that’s not an exaggeration. There was no one in those seats.

empty movie theater

But hey, it makes for a fun movie experience right? Now before we take a blast in the past and see how the movie compares to it’s 90s counterpart, lets take a look at the previews. I’m one of those weird folks who actually likes watching trailers, ok?

Movie Previews aka Popcorn Munchin’ Time

Another Car Movie

They’re animating The Fast and The Furious now?? Wow, they really are running out of ideas. Just kidding, it’s Cars 3.

Transformer Asks For Forgiveness

Mark Wahlberg, you’re our only hope

Despicable (But Kind of Hilarious) Twins

All I could think when Agnes was selling her unicorn is that Deadpool should buy it from her.

Why is Dru rubbing his hair in Gru’s face? Gru either shaved it or suffers from genetic baldness. Which, if that’s the case, I have news for you twin brother…

The minions, which I’m sure say naughty words all the time that we can’t understand, said “boobs” loud and clear. This made my immature heart happy.

Spidey Meets Stark

Here, we meet High School Spidey being mentored by a less than enthused Tony Stark. Baby Spidey doesn’t follow him along like a lonely puppy, he’s got his own story arc to create.

Never Bring a Pig On A Road Trip aka Wimpy Kid

I actually haven’t seen or read the previous Wimpy Kid stories, but now I feel like I must. Anyway, one of the guys was wearing an Avenged Sevenfold shirt, so I’m sold. Awkward teenage years right before they start getting interested in romantic partners makes for a cute movie.

**And Now, It’s Morphin’ Time! But Also Spoiler Time. Yes, Many Spoilers Below. Proceed At Your Own Risk**

They’re Colorful Kids!

So we all know that Power Rangers is built on being able to identify who is which Ranger by what color they wear. The opening scene in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fulfills this. And while the opening scene has Jason wearing a red plaid shirt, as we meet the other Rangers, their color isn’t quite as overt. Kimberly Hart is rarely wearing pink. And when she is wearing pink, it’s just straps of an undershirt. I actually appreciated this a lot. Original Kimberly Hart was a gymnastics star and your all around girly girl. While Pink Power Ranger 2k17 is a cheerleader (well, ex-cheerleader) she tends to shed those stereotypical female roles. Which is great. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers makes you cringe a little bit in terms of representation.

Alpha 5 Isn’t Afraid of Teenagers Anymore

apha 5 raising arm

Ok, so in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Alpha 5 had this line that super confused me. He’s talking to Zordon and he says “No, not teenagers! I was afraid of that!” I’ve always wondered, “Dude, what did teenagers do to you? Why are you so afraid?” Sadly, that question never got answered.

In Saban’s Power Rangers, Alpha-5 tends to take to the teenagers very quickly. We get our first look at Alpha-5 grabbing hold of Trini and even getting a close up look at her. Unlike the high strung and panicky 90’s version, this Alpha-5 is actually pretty hilarious. Thought I would be a little sad to not hear the original voice saying “Ay Yi Yi”, Bill Hader adds a nice touch to the character.

I think he kinda looks like a robot version of a skinny guy with a pot belly. At the time the trailer dropped, I didn’t think I would like this new look. Where’s his flashing lightning bolt? However, his humor was spot on and I really ended up enjoying what they did with the character. Even if he didn’t say “Ay Yi Yi” that much.

She is Beauty, She Is Grace, She Will Smush Your Face

Rita Repulsa is actually pretty hardcore, all while looking very attractive in her green. In the previews, I was wondering why she was green, but it makes sense since she was originally the green ranger.

I know she’s supposed to be super intimidating in the scene with her and Trini, but the more she smushes her face, the more I’d like them to get together in an Alternate Universe. I’d ship it.

Rita Repulsa holding Trini's face

Since Rita Replusa’s high pitched evil voice started off every episode, I wasn’t sure that Elizabeth Banks could pull it off. She didn’t even say the infamous “Ahh, after ten thousand years I’m free” line. But I think maybe her having an actual backstory, aside from just being a bratty alien that wanted to conquer earth, made me like her more.

I’m actually rooting for Rita tearing up the whole town to Kanye West “Power”. As an adult, I kind of understand her twisted motivation. Plus, she was funny. I found myself cracking up at her whole culture shock over learning about Krispie Kream. So I’m putting Rita Repulsa 2k17 in my top likable villains. She’s also my number one villain who looks cool eating donuts.

It’s Morphin’ Time For Real

Are you guys ready? It’s actually Morphin Time! So The Rangers are gonna morph up for real. And the 5 year old in me is so hype.

Queue the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Theme Song with their Zords running onscreen, just like the the original opening credits. YAAAASSSSS!

Teamwork Make the Megazord Work

So Goldar looks like he’s winning and the Rangers are pretty much prepared to lose. Actually, he’s pushing them all together..almost like they are gonna form a…ohhh yasss.

Another moment to please my 5 year old self. The beloved Megazord. And I thought it was nice they didn’t really know how to operate it at first, which pleased the adult in me. Even though the Megazord is just a cheesy metaphor for teamwork, whatever, it was pretty cool to see. The original Megazord looked more like mushing all of the Zords into one. However, with 2K17 Megazord, you only see traces of the original Zords, like Kimberly’s Pterodactyl wings. But overall it looks like one big MamaZord. Wait, Megazord. Yup that’s it.

Where Is the Green Ranger?

If you were a big Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan back in the day, you remember when they announced an addition to the team. A new Ranger. A Green Ranger. But who? School hallways everywhere buzzed with childish theories and excitement. And after we saw it, we’d annoy our teachers by only talking about the beloved Green Ranger.

We enter the post credits scene hearing the detention teacher call out for Tommy Oliver. For those of you who don’t know, Tommy Oliver is the Green Ranger. Now, we never actually see him (well, we see his jacket) but it opens up for a sequel that I am totally here for. When can I buy my tickets?

Go Go To The Movies!!!

Look, Power Rangers probably won’t win Movie of The Year, but this was a very fun and silly movie.  I spent most of being 5 years old fighting over which friend was going to be Kimberly. That 5 year old came out of the movie very pleased.

Take a break from the real world, embrace your inner child, Go see this movie!

What do you guys think? Did you like the movie as much as I did? Sound off in the comments

If you are still craving the original, you can buy the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD set here.

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