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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Trailer Debut

written by Jason Marcano October 8, 2016

We knew it would be darker, we knew it would be different, but we didn’t know how different and dark until now. Lionsgate has finally given us the first glimpse of the upcoming Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie at NYCC today. Now the hype can officially begin.

Now that we have more than movie posters and teaser images we can finally see the tone director Dean Israelite is going for in the Power Rangers film. What a tone it is.

The trailer is mostly setup for the five main characters, and gives off a strong Breakfast Club vibe at the start. The five teens of Angel Grove destined to become the titular Rangers are bullied, or otherwise viewed as outcast from the rest of the students. Naturally, they form a bond over their shared plight.

When they stumble upon  mysterious objects in a restricted area, everything changes for them. They begin to discover that whatever they found out there has given them extraordinary abilities, and the typical journey of acclimating to said abilities ensues.


The trailer also gives us our first proper look at Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa. She’s far more menacing than anything we’ve seen on Saturday mornings. It works and looks great. She lets us know she’s killed Rangers before and instills a genuine fear into the character even for the brief time we see her on screen here.


Might Morphin Power Rangers is set to release March 24, 2017. Now that the trailer is out that wait seems excruciating. What do you geeks think? Let us know your favorite moments from the trailer, and what you’re most excited to see from the Power Rangers movie in the comments below.

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