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I Pre-Ordered the Galaxy S8. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t.

written by Jude Kasekamp April 12, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 press photo

I am not a Samsung fanboy. However, I do love Android. Even so, I do tend to buy Samsung smartphones because they have been getting it right lately. This trend has extended to the Galaxy S8, which I pre-ordered as soon as I could. This is why you shouldn’t.


The Price of the Galaxy S8

I would argue that the S6 was the first generation of Samsung flagship since the S3 to be worth the price. Samsung reinvented the Galaxy line’s design language, with beautiful glass and metal. Nevertheless, the cost of these devices is climbing. For example, the S7 originally retailed for around $670 and the S7 edge for about $780. While you do get what you pay for, the S8 starts at $750 and the S8+ for $850. Yes, the screens are larger and the design is revolutionary, but Samsung is making their most desirable devices out of reach for many buyers. With rumours that the next iPhone may break the $1000 mark, so-called “budget” devices are becoming much more appealing.

The OnePlus 3T retails for about $440 at the time of writing, and you can pick it up here on Amazon. It can keep up with all the flagships and is almost half the price. Meanwhile, the Huawei Mate 9 goes for just under 600 bucks, which you can grab here. That one even comes with Amazon Alexa built in.

Yes, I am paying all the money for a device with an absolutely incredible screen and all the other perks. Emphasis on ALL THE MONEY. If you’re smarter with your money than I am, you’ll buy something else, or wait for deep discounts when the next Note is announced later this year.

The Clutter of the Galaxy S8

Any technophile will tell you that simpler and more streamlined is always better. This is why I love pure Android. For whatever corporate reasons, Samsung disagrees. One of the things that people always rave about when it comes to the iPhone is its simplicity. The same can be said for Google’s old Nexus devices and the Pixel. Samsung has been loading their phones with garbage apps and redundant features for ages. Just look at this comparison:

comparison of Samsung Galaxy s8 and Google Android apps

This means that I am probably not the only one who spends an hour disabling and uninstalling pre-loaded apps when they first power on their new Samsung. I’m not looking forward to doing so again when I get my Galaxy S8, as well as trying to reassign the Bixby button to Google Assistant. Don’t do that to yourself.

The Battery of the Galaxy S8

Buying a Samsung used to make iPhone loyalists look down their noses at you. You didn’t fall in line and try to fit in with everyone else. Now that Apple is rumoured to be borrowing more from their South Korean rival than the other way around, the new joke is all about exploding phones. Samsung decided not to push the envelope with their batteries this time around. I wouldn’t be surprised if these massive new screens combined with relatively small batteries equated to less-than-impressive screen on time. Thank goodness for wireless and fast charging, but don’t be that person asking your friends for a USB type-C charger at 3 PM.

An Emotional Decision

I overpaid for the Galaxy S8 because I was excited about the Infinity Display, along with all the other great things Samsung bring with their interpretation of Android. Had I made a more logical decision, I would have picked up the LG G6, the OnePlus 3T, Huawei Mate 9, or any of the other great, more affordable options available. If you’re like me and want the latest, greatest, and flashiest device, I won’t judge you. If you’re a little smarter with your money, I will applaud you.

What do you geeks think? Have you pre-ordered this new Samsung? Do you think it’s worth it? Sound off in the comments!

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