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Did ‘Preacher’ piss off Tom Cruise? VIDEO

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 3, 2016

Throngs of comic book loving geeks have been cautiously anticipating AMC’s adaptation of the comic Preacher. With the premiere coming up, footage has been sliding out. It seems the pilot was shown at SXSW and a certain joke may have infuriated a certain star of action flicks like Mission Impossible and Top Gun.

It's from Preacher

What I’m about to tell you is a tad spoilerish so you have been warned. The joke in question revolves around preachers of the world exploding in a gooey mess. One of the said explodees is the poster child for Scientology, Tom Cruise. He pops like a ripe cherry tomato I hear. Good fun.

That joke prompted a call from Cruise’s team to ask what was up. One of the men behind Preacher, Seth Rogen, has said they did get a call from someone asking in essence what was up with the gag but nothing has been said as to what the ending to said call was.

We might have got a call from his camp just kind of asking what the story was. I’m not sure how that wrapped itself up … I think they heard about it. I think his people have access to every website on the planet.

Whether Rogen and company will have to censor themselves for this neat little jab or for future pokes, time will tell. Hopes are of course very high for Preacher and we’ll find out if it was worth the wait on May 22nd.

Okay my Preacher loving geeks, what do you think about this latest bit? Does it give you more confidence or are you ready to throw in the towel? Let me hear it in the handy dandy comments section below! While we don’t have the footage in question, you can enjoy the trailer below.

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