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Preset Chess – no more lost pieces

written by Antony "Tony_the_Brit" C. May 18, 2016
Preset Chess

Opening the preset chess

Preset chess would have been a great travel set when I was a kid. Suggesting a game would have been so much more successful without having to remember where all the pieces go before you can start.

This ingenious invention uses another of my favorite things ever as a kid, magnets, to hold the pieces on the board, and also features labelled slots to put the pieces back in the right order when you’re done. Then you can just cover with the board, flip it over, pop the board back off and all the pieces are there, ready to play another round.

putting the chess pieces away
See how easy it is? The game set is currently available for pre-order via Kickstarter for as little as $69. This may seem a little steep, but it’s $20 cheaper than the company intends to sell them for at retail. It’s a very elegant and portable set, and keeps everything together far better than traditional travel chess. It’s well crafted, made of rosewood, and the scratch resistant, double-sided board is stabilized with magnets.

Would Preset Chess encourage you to play more?

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