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Prime Air: Amazon Drone Delivery a Reality!

written by Jude Kasekamp December 15, 2016
Amazon drone sitting on pad in field

Amazon has actually done it! Jeff Bezos and his online retail behemoth have announced they have successfully made their first Amazon drone delivery to a customer. What makes this even more impressive? A human was not flying it. Check it out!

Amazon is now conducting private trials in Cambridgeshire, England. The moment a customer places an order online, the local Amazon Fulfillment Center springs into action. Packages of five pounds or less are loaded into an Amazon drone. It then takes off from a track outside, flies to the customer’s location, and comes to rest on a designated landing pad. Then, it drops the package, and takes off again to return to the Fulfillment Center. The drone does all of this autonomously! As Amazon continues trials in England, service will expand as they roll out to “hundreds” more locations.

Amazon is just full of good news lately. Their innovative Amazon Go store is up and running, and their in-home tech continues to grow. Also, they have just expanded the reach of Prime Video to over 200 countries. Not a bad time for the forward-thinking company. I wonder if Bezos covered these successes when he and other Silicon Valley icons met with President-elect Trump recently?

Amazon drone sitting on pad in field

Airspace is extremely regulated in many parts of the world. No-fly zones and off-limits areas are everywhere. So, Amazon should make sure their navigation systems don’t let these expensive flying robots drift off to where they don’t belong. Also, local and larger government bodies have already begun to regulate drone use. Therefore, the company may run into resistance in certain areas that are not drone-friendly.

Flying below 400 feet, the drones will operate well out of the way of aircraft, though that may be low enough to freak out the neighbours at first. Just keep an eye out for crazy Larry with his shotgun, doing his patriotic duty to shoot down “flying Commie death robots”.

Are you geeks excited to have your packages dropped off in your backyard within 30 minutes? What could possibly go wrong, right? Sound off in the comments below!

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