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Major production change to One Punch Man season 2

written by Alex Lopez October 1, 2017

While fans of One Punch Man patiently wait to hear a release date, some big news dropped regarding the anime. There are some creative changes on the way, and some fans might begin to worry.

One Punch Man

Studio Madhouse, the studio behind season one, is no longer working on the popular anime. The reins are now in the hands of J.C Staff Production and director Chikara Sakurai. While these are big changes, most of the original staff and cast will return for the second season. However, some are concerned that with a different director and production studio, One Punch Man could lose some of the aesthetic and charm that made it popular. However, a lot of people are not too surprised with Studio Madhouse stepping away from One Punch Man. Madhouse tends to pass off shows that get a second season, so this is in line with how Madhouse operates. Despite that, fans can’t help but to worry about the direction of One Punch Man.

One Punch Man follows Saitama, a hero for fun. After an encounter with a monster, Saitama dedicates his life to becoming a superhero. After reluctantly taking on a pupil Genos, the two of them try out to become members of the Hero Association. Season 2 will continue the story of Saitama and Genos as they work to become better heroes. One of the things that make season 1 so much fun is the encounters between Saitama and the monsters. As the title lets on, it usually only takes one punch for Saitama to dispatch monsters. The fun part is the interaction between Saitama and the monsters, who usually think Saitama is no match for them. The big question now with the change in production is whether or not season 2 will have the same charm as in season 1. We will all find out once season 2 comes out.

Sounds off, geeks! What are your thoughts on the change in studios? Let us know in the comments.


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