Home News The production order of The Walking Dead may not yield clues to Negan’s kill.

The production order of The Walking Dead may not yield clues to Negan’s kill.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 11, 2016

It's From the Walking Dead

If you’re one of those that thinks they can plot out every spoiler of a popular television series by the production order, the next season of The Walking Dead will leave you scratching your scalp till it’s bloody.

Even if you’re not caught up on the sixth season of The Walking Dead, you surely know about the events surrounding the cliffhanger “why-did-they-do-this-to-us” ending. New bad guy, Negan. Vicious baseball bat. Crew on their knees. Chit chat. Head goes smoosh. But who’s head AMC?

That’s the problem facing fans and fans be on the warpath. Petitions started. Death threats went wild. Bribes went even wilder. What made me chuckle was the intrepidness of fans nitpicking the season finale for hints, going frame by frame for that instant gratification. Then there were the fans tracking the stars of the show’s travel patterns. Where they were going to be when. That takes some serious stalker dedication.

Because of the recent discovery that a certain show star won’t be on set at the start of filing, special effects head Greg Nicotero has let loose that they have to shoot out of order. That means the splatter filled scenes with the kisses of Negan’s bat may wait until the very end of shooting, just to irritate everybody. It might also be because there are way too many spies floating around, spies willing to spoil that brutal cliffhanger ending.

What do you geeks think? Personally, I like it. I don’t want the results spoiled. I like to be surprised when I watch my movies and TV shows. That’s why I watch them. What about you geeks? Spoilers,  yay or nay? Don’t get spoiled by the comments section below.

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