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Proposed South Australian Bill Labels Video Games as Gambling

written by Jordan Cobb August 9, 2016

A proposed change to gambling laws in Australia could soon include video games as a form of gambling itself. This might be deemed controversial by many depending on how you view gambling. What is known is that the gambling industry continues to evolve across the world. This insightful piece on Gambling regulation in Sweden could be very eye-opening for a lot of people.


The proposed addition was made by South Australian Senator Nick Xenophon who feels that the country’s laws are out of touch with video games. Xenophon claims that children are suffering behavior similar to gambling and that its gone unregulated in online gaming communities. He specifically noted Counter Strike: Global Offensive as “full-on gambling”.

The reason that game in particular is being highlighted is because of the in-game purchasable special skins, which can be traded amongst players on Counter Strike gambling websites after they have paid a set fee to unlock them.


Xenophon even mentioned Dota 2 as well when saying those sort of games would be included in the new laws. He’s called the games “insidious” and “incredibly misleading and deceptive”. When making his case for the bill, Xenophon said that these games are targeting children and their parents’ bank accounts will soon have huge holes in them because of these games. So far there aren’t much details around his laws, but what is known is that the proposed changes he wants to add could carry over into other mobile games and in-app purchases since two of the top fives games in the app store are casino slot games.

Xenophon is set to introduce the new bill to the Australian Parliament when they resume session later this month. There is no word as of yet how this bill would amend the Interactive Gambling Act passed by Australia back in 2001.

This is the most recent case in the link between video games and gambling in Australia. South Australia back in 2013 led an anti-gaming campaign in an effort to have MA15+ ratings put on games that featured simulated gambling. Their advertisements got pulled after negative responses from the gaming community.

What do you think of the news? Does Xenophon have a case or do you disagree with his stance? Let us know in the comments below!

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