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PS4 Burnout Paradise Remaster Crashes onto Consoles this Spring

written by Damian Gordon January 11, 2018
Cars race into Burnout Paradise's Big Surf Island

Old roads become new with a facelift

Beloved arcade racer, Burnout Paradise is ready to run the streets as a new version is set to release along the 10-year anniversary.

Burnout races are pure carnage as drivers smash, drift and boost their way to victory. The city is brimming with insane jumps off buildings or mountains to attempt. Combining those with various paths to utilize in the high-speed bouts, have Paradise City living up to the name.

According to Destructoid, a tweet from Japan leaked the title for a March 16th release date. While EA has yet to officially confirm, this doesn’t seem like a matter of if it’ll be released, but rather when for the US and EU.

Burnout''s DLC bikes race through the city

Burnout Paradise features an open world for players to challenge up to 8 people in not only races but also modes like Cops and Robbers, Marked Man, Stunt Run, and Road Rage.

Next-gen re-releases can be toss-ups to which ones retain their online modes, however, Paradise’s online is its bread and butter, making the exclusion unlikely.

Developer Criterion released the first Burnout in 2001 with 2011’s smaller Burnout Crash! marking the last time they touched the series. They later worked on the Need For Speed franchise, infusing Burnout DNA into it with Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit.

Car Jumping gap in Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise’s Legacy

Anytime a racer comes out, Paradise always seems to be brought up and compared. This is no surprise as it’s the basis that most modern racing games are built off of. Forza, Need for Speed, and much more took the groundwork to make it their own.

Although it didn’t invent open-world racers, to give it a knock for that would be like knocking Micheal Jordan’s accolades for not inventing basketball.

Burnout Paradise isn’t the first classic release this year and certainly won’t be the last as gamers ready hard drive space for 2018.

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