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PS4 Gets two Star Wars themed bundles this fall

written by Dustin S August 17, 2015

DarthVaderPS4Sony has unveiled their plan to aim their proton torpedoes at your wallet as if trying to hit the 1 meter squared ventilation shaft on the Death Star, and they just might have succeeded.

At the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California, which is a bi-annual Disney entertainment expo, Sony took the stage to announce not one, but TWO, different star wars themed bundles. The bundles each aim at an entirely different audience but hit the nail on the head both times, or as you could say in the spirit of the announcement,¬†bullseyed womp rats in their T-16 back home, except on your wallet this time. Each bundle comes with a very slick, very, very, very, very slick custom PS4, which is the new CUH-1200 series, with an engraving of Darth Vader on it, as seen above. The bundles also come with a special Dualshock 4 controller with customer button colors, as seen below. The buttons are colored as shown to match up with the computer on Darth Vader’s chest. So, that’s a freaking amazing detail to include.

darthvaderdualshock4-1 darthvaderdualshock4-2

The bundles themselves are pretty outstanding as well. The first bundle is a Battlefront bundle. The special console, Dualshock 4, copy of Star Wars: Battlefront Deluxe Edition, as well a digital voucher to download 4 classic star wars titles — Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. These games will have enhanced graphics as well as trophy support. Not many details were released on what exactly “enhanced graphics” means, but I highly doubt they were remastered and more akin to the enhanced visuals of the re-released original Prince of Persia we saw last gen.DarthVaderPS4-BFBundleThe second bundle is being released to celebrate the launch of Disney Infinity 3.0. This bundle will include the console, the special DS4 controller, a physical copy of Disney Infinity 3.0, the Disney Infinity¬†base, as well as the Rise Against the Empire Disney Infinity Playset, which includes — Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and the RAE Playset piece. The Bobba Fett figure is also being included which is a PS4 exclusive through this holiday. This bundle will also include the digital voucher for the 4 classic games listed above as well.


In addition to these 2 wonderful bundles, Sony is releasing a smaller bundle with the standard CUH-1200 PS4, Jet Black DS4, and a copy of Star Wars: Battlefront, and the digital voucher for the 4 classic games.

There was no news on any plans to sell the Darth Vader edition DS4 separately from the bundle. Pre-ordering should be going live sometime in the near future and the bundles themselves will be released November 17th of this year.



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