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Psychopath beats Dark Souls III in the most insane way possible.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. May 9, 2016

Before you judge me, I don’t play the Dark Souls series. Everything I have heard about and seen has me convinced I would have no fun but tons of frustration. Knowing what I know, which comes from our review, makes what you’re about to read insane.

A masochistic soul named TolomeoR has claimed the most impressive of impressive playthroughs of Dark Souls III. He beat it without dodging, partying, rolling – you know everything that helps gamers like me last longer than five minutes. Here I thought the rolling around in the God of War series was necessary.

It's Dark Souls 3

Not only did this legend of a player do that but he also did it with minimal gear. As in no armor and a regular old broadsword. Except he did trade in that sword for the Priestess Ring, allowing him to use Astora’s Straight Sword for his battle with Gundyr. He also had use of Lloyd’s and Flynn’s rings in addition to Cloranthy. Plus, are you ready to be sick? He did it without leveling up once.

The agreed upon sentiment is the Nameless King is the hardest, and optional, boss in Souls III but that isn’t even the one that gave TolomeoR the most headaches. That award goes to Cinder, something that took him approximately fifteen hours to accomplish. Fifteen hours on one boss? I can see a marathon lasting that long but a single boss battle? Save my sanity!

The 50-60 hour playthrough can be found on YouTube.  He posted it online for the ultimate bragging rights. Can you say gaming God? I figure it would take me that long just to get to the end after using all combat mechanics and gearing up with the best I can find.

How many Dark Souls III players we got out there in geek land? Does this give you something to strive for or does it make your eye twitch just thinking about? I have a slight tremor in my hands as I type this. Give us your thoughts and impressions of the feat down in the comments.

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