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The Punisher Season Two Begins Filming

written by Jordan McIntyre February 18, 2018
Frank Castle in front of his gun wall

The Scoop

After a mind-shattering and ultimately gritty first season, The Punisher is about to roll camera on season two. Filming is slated to start at the end of the month and wrap up in later July. Following the first season success with the endeavors that Frank Castle took upon himself in avenging his family’s death, one could ask what direction The Punisher will go in now.

Frank Castle looking over the bay in New York City

What Now, Frank?

His family is avenged, although he still carries the weight and pain of it, and what a weight it was. I cannot recall a film or show that has conveyed the pain that a character carries with them like The Punisher did. The mechanics and elements used to convey said pain were nightmarish, and made me tear up and yearn for Frank Castle to find peace.

The Punisher represents a part of the MCU that not all the movies and tv shows in the respectable nerd-verse can adapt. This series pushed boundaries, and ultimately shed some contrast on the colorful and heroic stories such as The Avengers, and the darker, more down to earth stories such as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and The Punisher. 

Not even Avengers: Infinity War will be able to be this brutal, and it should be based on the gravity of the situation in that movie.

The Punisher aiming down his gun sight

Punisher Arc

There is much speculation based on casting hints and subtle drops of story teasers out there. The theories range from story arcs being pulled from Punisher MAX, more specifically one of the storylines from it that is renowned as being the darkest story to date surrounding Castles brutal methods called The Slavers. 

I for one think The Punisher season two will somehow give us a lot more content with some of the Defenders involved. At least…if Marvel and Netflix were smart, they would overload us with all those nerdgasm team-ups we all want to see. Especially after a rather disappointing first season of The Defenders.

Could season two of The Punisher give us an unexpected Defenders style ensemble? Similar to how Captain America: Civil War was pretty much an Avengers movie all on its own. What direction do you think Frank Castle will take us in? Let us know in the comments!

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