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Punisher Spin-off Coming to Netflix

written by Mandi "Mandini" R. April 29, 2016
Netflix Jon Bernthal Punisher

Netflix Jon Bernthal Punisher

Marvel has officially ordered a Netflix spin-off for everyone’s favorite vigilante, The Punisher. The character, played by The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal, was introduced in Daredevil Season 2. Bernthal will continue the role for The Punisher series. This will make for the sixth official Marvel/Netflix team up. Included in the six are upcoming shows Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders, as well as the already established Jessica Jones, and Daredevil

It seems that comic book adapted television is becoming the way of the future for many DC and Marvel characters. With network television channels such as AMC, Fox, The CW, and ABC all carrying plenty of comic based entertainment, it’s no wonder Netflix is hot on their tails to produce more.

The Punisher, who is a military veteran named Frank Castle, first appeared in comics in 1974 in The Amazing Spider-Man #129″. The character was created by Gerry Conway and John Romita, Sr. and was originally designed to be a villain for Spider-Man. The character eventually became a classic vigilante and anti-hero in the comic book world.

Jon Bernthal The Punisher

Though we don’t have an official date of release for the series, we do have the first teaser image for you (pictured below)! So, what do you think of Bernthal’s portrayal of The Punisher? Are you glad to see a spin-off, or would you rather the character just stay in Daredevil?

Punisher Teaser Image


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