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What a Quality Project Management Software Is Supposed to Do

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 19, 2017
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Employees generally don’t like drastic changes to functioning systems already in place. These changes are seen as hindrances to a workload that is already strenuous. So, when a boss announces that a new project management software will be used to streamline efficiency, employees are wary. However, the software can be vital in securing a successful project proposal outcome. That is is why so many people are jumping at the opportunity to use it. When the promise of the newly adopted system doesn’t reach its lofty expectations, employees are quick to blame the software. This then poses the question of what makes a worthy collaborative software that both bosses and employees can value? Those who aren’t interested in using software, might find that using a project management guide – see https://www.mindgenius.com/project-management-guide/ for an idea of this – could be helpful in place of software. Organization One of the most popular reasons that an online system is implemented is because the organization of tasks is desultory. It is also the case that a business is extremely organised but due to the use of antiquated technology, messages are being communicated too slowly and as a consequence employees are stuck in a communicative limbo instead of completing the tasks in question. No matter the reason, the new project management tool should be able to accurately and lucidly convey to all members of staff what their responsibilities are. Project management software-collaboration software Usability How easily navigable is the current system? If employees are complaining that the project management software currently in use is a nuisance to use, it looks like you’re in need of something better. This void of accessibility must be filled by this new system. If too many hours are spent learning the new program, is it really worth implementing? If mistakes are being made and work is either being performed twice or not at all, is using this system in your best interests? A properly functioning system would see employees being able to quickly adapt to their new interface rather than being hindered by it. Expedited Communication Along with doling and mapping out tasks, employees should be provided the opportunity to quickly communicate with co-workers. It’s possible that your currently using email, Skype, meetings, and whiteboards to say all that needs to be said. Using more than one medium for all of your communication is an antiquated practice. A quality collaborative program will consolidate your streams of communication without crossing any lines.