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Quantum Break REVIEW with DHTG Sponsored by Nebraska Furniture Mart

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg April 9, 2016


In what felt like a time bubble of gameplay I found myself entwined in Remedy Entertainments’ latest cinematic game release Quantum Break. With gameplay and cut scenes blending together in a Alan Wake kind of feel you can not help but notice how pretty the game looks right out of the start. With a game so heavy on the control of time…I found myself wanting to be able to slow it down so there was more Quantum Break to go around.

With a heavy acting lineup Quantum Break is not missing in quality or voice work. With Shawn Ashmore as the main character Jack Joyce, who has through what of course was a failed science experiment (or was it) has been granted the powers of controlling time in various ways throughout the game. He finds himself up against the also time enabled Aiden Gillen (Game of Thrones). Quite a few other actors are also in the game and you can see them all here on IMDB. Game music was fast paced and I found myself kind of bobbing to the beat during some of the action scenes.


With an overabundance of time powers you find yourself constantly adapting to new ways to play. You can slow down time to give yourself enough time to shoot 7 rounds into one guard while still being able to fire rounds at others. If you health gets low you can always activate your time bubble for a little quick defense or to allow time to heal. There is my personal favorite is the teleport or time slide…whatever you want to call it, where Joyce is able to move very quickly from one area of the screen to another. This allows for some very cool chances to get behind your enemies for that shotgun blast or even helps big time with the evading.

A few issues I had with all of these time powers at my fingertips was that in the heat of the battle there seemed to be too much going on. Which power to use? So in the mix, even someone seasoned in the layout of a controller, I found myself hitting the wrong power or button. The other issue I had with the powers seemed to be in the storyline itself. Every time that a new power was learned Jack was immediately a pro with it. There is not really any groups of adds for testing the new power on. Normally in most games there is a very quick tutorial when new powers are learned…not so much here.

20160310102840_Quantum Break Windows 10 Bright Light

Ripples in time look amazing. Hell the whole game looks amazing. Background and environment reactions to time changes looks awesome and really change the feel of what otherwise would just be your normal cover based third-person shooter. I love in certain parts of the story you actually switch roles and play as the bad guy Paul Serene. This gives some look and change into the story to see what the villain has been up to. Some choices in the game also affect what happens later down the road. So make your choices carefully or prepare for a round two of Quantum Break…which you will probably do anyways.

One of the five scenes is a boatyard that is now of course time riddled. Through that you see huge changes in boats falling and tipping, scaffolding falling over, and huge freighter crates all over the place being destroyed. Your goal is to manipulate your self through the treacherous path, rewinding and fast forwarding time as you go. As far as environment goes, look and feel I would put it above most games, and this scene really shows that.


With 20-30 minute live action cut-scenes in the game you find yourself sitting the controller down and kicking back to the car chases and fast paced movie action. Most people were worried that would slow down the game but it really doesn’t as it feeds more into the story and the action is enough to keep you watching. Check out the live video from IGN below.

With these live action videos you do run into one big problem. They are streamed, so you are at the mercy of your internet connection. Launch night I was having issues with my home connection. So, here I was stuck with either download the 75GB files to watch and play at a later time or skip what could be very important videos and information. I decided to do some wiring and made it reach for a hardwired connection as I did not want to miss anything and got the streaming working. If your connection can hold it the streaming does look amazing. Very high quality with no distortion or buffering issues.

The Wrap-Up

At around 14 hours for me to run through Quantum Break I found that it was a fun third-person shooter. I wish more time would have gone into the learning of the powers and let me really master them but if that is the smallest complaint I have among gorgeous graphics and fun gameplay then I am satisfied. Thanks to Nebraska Furniture Mart for supplying the game for review. If you haven’t had a chance to check out their prices online they are pretty awesome. Hit the link here and get your copy of Quantum Break now.

Have you played through QB? Let us know in the comments below what you thought or if there is something you would have changed.

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