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Next Quentin Tarantino Movie Might Be the Manson Murders!

written by Jude Kasekamp July 12, 2017
Black and White Charles Manson photo, subject of next Quentin Tarantino movie

Quentin Tarantino is now preparing for his next film project. The subject? The Charles Manson Family Murders.

Tarantino’s new movie is in the very early stages, so take all of this with a great big grain of salt. According to reports from THR, Tarantino is wrapping up the script now, which he wrote personally. He and the Weinsteins are set to shop the package to studios later this fall. If all goes well, filming should begin in 2018. As per usual when it comes to Quentin Tarantino, A-list actors have already been approached – including Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence.

Sharon Tate portrait

The story may follow Sharon Tate. She was an actress married to director Roman Polanski and was murdered by Charles Manson’s cult. Tate was home in Los Angeles with four friends while Polanski was in Europe. She was pregnant when she was killed, with her due date approaching. Charles Manson had ordered his followers to infiltrate the California home, which he thought was inhabited by a record producer that had rejected him before. The murders were absolutely gruesome, and if you want to go to a very dark place have a read of the account. Manson and his followers were eventually convicted of 27 counts, including first-degree murder. They were sentenced to life in prison.

A media frenzy followed the tragedy. Polanski and Tate’s home life was thrust into the public eye. The investigation that followed was publicized and sensational. Understandably, the public’s fascination with the grisly crimes is still strong.


Keep in mind that Hollywood movies typically go through several rewrites before filming, but Tarantino likes to maintain creative control over his projects. While the details of the story might change, it is set to be the acclaimed director’s first movie based on a true story. Even Inglourious Basterds was a work of fiction, despite taking place during WWII with real historical figures.

Tarantino is known for graphic violence, as well as strong female leads (think Kill Bill). Sharon Tate and a murderous cult seem like they’re right up his alley. I can’t wait to see what he does with it! What do you geeks think?

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