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R. I. P. Michu Meszaros of Alf fame

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 13, 2016
It's Michu Meszaros

2016 just won’t stop with the deaths, will it? We’ve lost music icons, cultural icons, and even a mountain of a man. Why though did it have to take away Alf actor Michu Meszaros?

It's Michu Meszaros

Alf was puppeted for the most part by the waist up but for the instances where they needed the cat muncher from Melmack roaming around full body shot, Michu was the man inside the suit. His 2′ 9″ frame fit perfectly well inside the short, alien body when the need arose.

Michu Meszaros was a circus performer who showed off his impressive skills to Presidents and celebrities alike. He became fast friends with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He soon found himself on TV, playing the body of the Alien Life Form aka ALF from 1986 to 1990. The town of Hawthorne, CA even named their littlest street Michu Lane to honor the actor.

Rest in Peace Michu Meszaros, peacefully gone at age 76.

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