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R. I. P. Muhammad Ali passes away

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 4, 2016
It's Muhammad ali

It's Muhammad ali

Sad news today as boxing legend and all around nice guy Muhammad Ali has passed away at the age of 74.

We heard initial reports early in the night of the great one being incredibly sick and loved ones surrounding his bedside. None of us wanted to believe Ali was that close to death’s door. The boxing champ was admitted to a Phoenix area hospital for what was originally labeled as just “respiratory distress”. Once the family started pouring in, we knew it was a lot worse than the doctors were letting on.

Muhammad Ali was born Cassius Clay and quickly rose up in the boxing ranks. To this day, many cite his match with George Foreman aka the Rumble in the Jungle as one of the greatest matches ever. He brought class to a sport often thought of as a thug’s realm and one that has certainly spiraled downward without him as an active participant.

We take a moment out of our busy day to express our gratitude to Muhammed Ali for his contributions to the sport and the world. Our sympathies go out to his family at their deepest time of need. R. I. P. Great One.