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Fight Me. ‘Rainbow Six Siege – Year 2’ Is the Best Shooter Today!

written by Damian Gordon January 23, 2018
Rainbow Six Siege operators in combot

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 makes for the most engrossing shooter, with its quick thinking gameplay that keeps players on their toes – and sometimes their backs.

Year 2 just ended, with Year 3 scheduled to start next month, touting a zombie mode, new map, and operators. This edition proves it deserves the title of “relationship-ender” for the countless hours lost.

Siege started out bare-bones with the promise of additional content. Usually, when developers say that, they don’t deliver or what they do is underwhelming. Yet Siege continued to improve, constantly growing its player base to over 25 million.

Rainbow Six Siege operators shooting through destoryed wall

The Basics

The game is about attacking and defending, where players choose an operator with specific abilities for the match. One side fortifies their building while the other fight their way in from the outside.

The objective varies from defusing bombs to securing a hostage or a room. Rarely do I ever see these completed because one team usually dies before letting that happen.

I’ve run in countless times Leeroy Jenkins style, only to get shut down by a hail of bullets or a trap. This would be fine if it weren’t a team game. Oh, and I died with the diffuser near enemies. Whoops.

The 5-on-5 action here is more satisfying than a 25-kill streak in Call of Duty because three kills here means something. You put down the other team and they’re not coming back, forcing the losing team to be more clever.

There are no respawns; if you die then better luck in the next round. This doesn’t mean players have to be idle in the salty afterlife.  Defenders can look through cameras around the building to mark enemies, and attackers can do the same with their drones.

Fuze detonating his cluster grenades in Rainbow Six Siege

So Many Ways to Play, So Many Options

A good portion of the environment is destructible, causing a river of sweat when a player thinks they have all entries secured, and the opponents create their own.

Most Siege maps are so well designed and dense that after sinking 30 to 40 hours, I still have yet to learn them. They are so malleable to the player’s will that each round feels exciting because you truly don’t know what’s going to happen.

During a final round, my team scoped out the enemy base to find no one in the defending room. When the match started, the enemies ran a train through my team. They didn’t wait for us – they did a surprise tactic that caught them a win and my team off guard.

The Annoying Parts of ‘Rainbow Six Siege’

One rampant problem on console is team killing. Once one player does it, the whole team does. This causes matches to be won without the opponents pressing a button, or a massacre of the player who wasn’t team-killed.

Another issue is Terrorist Hunt, a co-op mode where you play on the multiplayer maps against waves of enemies. There are some variations like a map being covered in smoke, but this is so boring that I’m sure actual terrorists use it to torture people.

The loot box system here is cosmetic, but the drops are so infrequent and undesirable that you will ignore them after a while. Luckily, the game is so good that not being able to freely customize is minor.

The guns are specific for each operator, so it’s more than just picking abilities, but also their equipment. Sometimes, I’ll even play a trash character like Twitch for her F2 rifle and balanced stats.

Rainbow Six Siege operators posing side by side

Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Content Overview

Coastline is an awesome map, but its operator Mira and her ability to create barricade shooting spots are unneeded. Then, there’s Jackal whose worth something as he tags any enemy by looking at their footsteps’ heat signature.

Ying and Lesion are welcomed additions with her cluster flash charges and his toxin mines. The only drawback is Lesion’s so-so primary weapons; he might as well be firing water guns.

Theme Park is well-designed with many corridors to sneak, choke, and scatter opponents. Tower is the worst, while different by having a completely vertical layout. The convoluted inner maze design makes for a frustrating hide-and-seek game.

Dokkaebi and Vigil are prime examples of why cutting down on new characters may be best. I don’t want to end up with an operator whose ability is equipping glasses that allow them to pat their head and tummy at the same time.

Vigil becomes invisible to defenders’ cameras, which is useless and better suited for attackers. Dokkaebi rings enemy phones to distract them like it doesn’t already happen in online gaming.

The best Year 2 operators have to be Sofia and Ela. Sofia revives herself after being downed and her gun has a flashbang and grenade attachment. Ela’s sticky flash mines easily rack up kills as opponents blindly trigger them.

Rainbow Six Siege action shot, fire fight in hallway

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ takeaway

I’d advise new players to try Operations, which are basically tutorial missions that prepare you for multiplayer pretty well. It also gives you a chance to understand the operators and how they work.

Year 2 is a good starting point since unlocking more than the 20 base operators requires a huge time sink. Year 2 provides R6 credits, eight operators, and all 18 maps.

Rainbow Six Siege has addictive gameplay and short matches provide that “one more game” feeling every game. The great maps and characters only help to cement this as a marquee shooter for years to come.

What do YOU think of this game? Am I right, or dead wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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