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Raise Your APM! It’s Time for the Overwatch League

written by Eric Leung November 10, 2016

Overwatch League announcement poster

We’re fresh out of Blizzcon weekend, and we’ve got news besides the new Overwatch character and a fresh update to the gracefully aging Diablo III. In a train of hype, Blizzard has announced the start of the Overwatch League. Now veterans in the world of ESports, Blizzard is in it to create the perfect league. This time, Blizzard has designed it from the ground up to ensure the lasting success of their hit game and as few potential lawsuits as possible. In their announcement video, Blizzard stated, “Our seasoned experience in ESports and the best practices of time honored traditional sports help to define the unique structure of the Overwatch League.” Let’s hit on the highlights of what Blizzard’s built for us Overwatch fans around the globe.

Like in traditional sports, Blizzard has designed the Overwatch League to be based around cities. This makes it a lot different from most current ESports. Aspiring team owners will bid to represent a city, and those cities will compete regionally for spots in the Playoffs. Blizzard is aiming for this model to stretch through the Americas, Europe, China, Korea, and the Asia Pacific Region.

But there’s some housekeeping to do before the season can start! Blizzard will be holding a Combine in which invited players can distinguish themselves as top talent. Editorials will cover the top players so that everyone can know the names and stories of the best of the best. Afterwards, the top players will have a short signing period to finalize team rosters. Following that will be the game season, kicking off the Regular Season with LAN play before live audiences. Blizzard will also be putting together a website dedicated to tracking the results of all the matches. This site will also be a hub for fans to follow their favorite players.

Taking inspiration from traditional competitive sports, Blizzard brings a fresh new take on Esports. I, for one, can’t wait to watch the league come together!

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