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Raspberry Pi celebrates its 5th Birthday with release of Raspberry Pi Zero W

written by R. Patrick March 1, 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Tiny tech at a tiny price makes for a ton of fun!

Everyone’s favorite single-board computers are back and ready for action to celebrate their 5th birthday.  Raspberry Pi was founded in the UK in order to help promote affordable education in the computer science field for schools and developing countries.  The concept has grown to much more than that as techies around the globe have found amazing ways to use the ridiculously cheap hardware for creative projects and bonding with their kids.

One major problem with the previous Raspberry Pi Zero was the lack of built in wireless connectivity.  The new Raspberry Pi Zero W solves that problem with wireless LAN and Bluetooth for only $10!  People have been using the original Zero in everything from “arcade cabinets to electric skateboards” with these added features the options will be greatly expanded.

Front Cover of The MagPi magazine

For only $10 the new Zero W comes equipped with: (As provided by Raspberry Pi’s website)

  • 1GHz, single-core CPU
  • 512MB RAM
  • Mini-HDMI port
  • Micro-USB On-The-Go port
  • Micro-USB power
  • HAT-compatible 40-pin header
  • Composite video and reset headers
  • CSI camera connector
  • 802.11n wireless LAN
  • Bluetooth 4.0

Free Pi Zero with Subscription

Even more incredible, is the fact that you will receive a FREE Raspberry Pi Zero W with a 12 month print subscription to The MagPie, Raspberry Pi’s official magazine.  The magazine is chocked full of projects and tutorials to get you started making your own creations.

Check out this incredible Fallout 4 working terminal built with Raspberry Pi technology!  The video is by PowerUpPropsGaming and they are even selling the 3d printed kit on their etsy page here.

The vast opportunities for fun at this price point make the Raspberry Pi Zero W a must try for all tech lovers, new and old.  Many of the projects and tutorials would be perfect Spring Break activities with your kids.  Many of you have probably already completed some really cool mods.  We would love to see pictures of your new and old projects!  Let us know in the comments below!

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