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Razer BlackWidow X Keyboard Review

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg May 1, 2016

Once you clack you can’t go back. The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma is Razer’s latest keyboard in a slew of new peripherals that they’re releasing. The BlackWidow X Chroma is a fully mechanical keyboard that seems more like an upgrade than a whole different model from the original BlackWidow Chroma.

Razer has really refined the BlackWidow more so than redesigned it. The new X has a full metal body (base) compared to the plastic body on the original BlackWidow. You can notice a difference in typing and looks but that is where the differences really stop. If you’d prefer a gaming keypad to a keypad, check out Coolest-Gadgets to learn more about the best keypads on the market.


If you have ever used a BlackWidow keyboard before, you are pretty familiar with the design. Not a lot changes between models as they really just change minor things from one to the next. There are few different models in the X. You can go with the full-size (the one we reviewed), the tenkeyless or full-size plus a row of macro keys for those of you that feel the need to macro. Most noticeable difference in the X over the original is the new metal body. It adds a nice feel and look to the keyboard. I didn’t think it would be that noticeable but it is. Feels like it might be a little more durable or even industrial compared to the plastic body of the original.

The other main difference that you will notice is the keys are raised a little as they sit off the metal. You can actually see under each key when looking at a profile view of the keys. I feel this adds a little more to the flavor and look of the keyboard but felt that the keys being a little higher caused my fingers to be held higher than normal as well. Once accustomed to it, it wasn’t noticeable anymore.


At 17.6 x 7.5 inches and still right at around 3 pounds size and weight remain the same as the original BlackWidow.

Clacky Clacky Keys

Just like with all Razer mechanical keyboards you get two choices in which keys you go with, Green or Orange. Green is more clacky and loud and the Orange are more for quiet use. Our review had the green keys, which preformed just like they did on the original BlackWidow Chroma…loud and awesome. There has been quite a bit of chatter if Razers mechanical keys hold up against the other Cherry MX keys out there. I for one have not ever had an issue with my keys.

I review a few keyboards and although the green feel a little more plastic as they click that is the only difference I have noticed. There is also buzz that Razer will soon be releasing Cherry MX Blue keys as well. If you are waiting on those…keep waiting.


No USB or Headphones Pass-Through

One thing I love about my Original BlackWidow Chroma is the USB and headphone pass-through on the side of the keyboard. As I am always swapping speakers or headphones I found this feature very useful. In the X they have removed this option.

Disco Party!!!

If you have not used anything Chroma yet…you should. The lighting is amazing and the more you tweak it to fit your setup or taste the better it looks. I love walking into my office at night when the lights are off and see my keyboard lighting up the room. The RGB Chroma offers 16.8 million colors and they look even more amazing on the X as you can see under the keys due to the metal faceplate.



After heavy use and customizing it like crazy I love the new X. I am not sure I would make the jump if you already own the original BlackWidow but if you are in the market for a new mechanical keyboard it should totally be in the ones you are looking at. Keys are responsive, feel and construction is amazing due to the metal body, and color is wonderful thanks to Chroma. Even if the new clackety keys take you a bit to get used to, you will love the look and feel while you get used to it. Priced out at $159.99 you will pay about $10 over the original BlackWidow Chroma to move up to the metal feel of the X.

Thanks to our sponsor NFM and Razer for getting us out the review unit. Check out the prices at NFM on all of their gaming equipment and get yours ordered now.

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