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Razer Immediately Deletes Controversial Tweet

written by Jude Kasekamp November 3, 2016
Razer Blade Pro with Black Background

Razer Blade Pro with Black BackgroundIn the tech world, it can get very competitive. So competitive that gigantic corporations and smaller underdogs alike try to outdo each other by not only pushing the limits of technology, but trying to outdo each other with marketing as well. Razer took to social media to promote their new Razer Blade Pro, while taking a jab at Apple’s Macbook Pro.

Razer's controversial tweet: "You call yourself Pro? S my D."

Uh oh. Needless to say, that didn’t go over very well.

The internet political correctness police promptly came down on them, and boy did they come down hard. A brief unprofessional survey of the feedback found that some people found this tweet clever. Some thought it was sexist, inappropriate, and distasteful. The Razer social media employee that tweeted this line obviously has a different sense of humour.

To be absolutely fair, they promptly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

The tweet was directed at Apple’s decision to drop the SD card slot from the new Macbook Pro S that was recently announced. Apple is forming a habit of phasing out features and thus causing an uproar. A great illustration is what lengths you have to go to, just to connect an iPhone 7 to the new Macbook Pro. Many competitors are taking advantage of this trend, and going after disaffected customers with clever marketing.

Ultimately, was this distasteful? Let us know in the comments what you geeks think! Would you be offended by the tweet, or find the intended humour in it?

In days past, a company had to spend millions of dollars on a marketing campaign to offend the masses with a billboard or TV commercial. Now, all it takes is one little slip of a keystroke. I commend Razer for doing the right thing and apologizing for their misstep!

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