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Razer Phone is Official! Should Gamers Buy It?

written by Jude Kasekamp November 2, 2017
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Everyone is trying to get into the phone game lately. You could be one of the usual suspects like Apple, Samsung, or Google. You could even be a high-end video camera manufacturer like Red. Now, you could be a company who makes badass gaming hardware and peripherals like Razer. So, with the announcement of the Razer Phone, should people who live for video games pick up the smartphone aimed squarely at them?

Razer has always made really cool gear meant for gamers. Whether it’s a laptop or mouse, you know you’re getting some high-quality stuff. The cool thing about Razer is that even if you are not gaming, their products handle other normal tasks with ease. After all, if your laptop can handle the latest game, it should be able to accommodate your Netflix needs easily.

Razer bought Nexbit earlier this year. So, we knew it was only a matter of time before the Singapore company launched their own cell phone. Is this a gaming phone, or a phone for gamers? Well… both.

Razer Phone held in hand

Let’s Get the Specs Out of the Way

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Storage: 64GB with expandable SD storage
Screen: 5.7-inch LCD screen at 1440×2560 and 120 Hz
Cameras: 12MP dual rear cameras, including 2x telephoto lens
Battery: 4,000 mAh with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4+
Audio: Dual front-firing speakers with Dolby Atmos gimmicks. No headphone jack, but it comes with a THX certified dongle.

It’s important to note that this phone is running Android 7 Nougat. They’re working on optimizing the latest version of Android Oreo for the 120 Hz refresh rate. Let’s actually talk about that a little bit.

Why the 120 Hz Refresh Rate Matters

If you are selling a device meant for gamers, the refresh rate of the display is a big deal. With variable or manual settings, this phone can automatically switch from efficient and low-key when checking Twitter, to smooth and powerful when firing up Final Fantasy XV. Razer calls this “Ultra Motion”, and you can bet your ass I would keep that at 120 frames per second at all times – even when checking email!

Not everything will run at 120 Hz at all times on the Razer Phone. Nevertheless, that high rate will make it look so buttery smooth. Both games and normal screen animations alike promise to be ridiculously fluid. Could this be a smoother Android device than a Pixel?

Square Enix Final Fantasy XV video game on Razer Phone

Bezels in 2017!

Hear me out on this one. I am probably one of the loudest proponents of bezel-less phones. I think the display is one of the most important parts of your experience, so it should take up as much of the real estate as possible. However, when you are playing a game on your smartphone, it’s so much easier to have something to hold onto with your thumbs. The forehead and chin on the Razer Phone also accommodate those impressive speakers. I think that’s worth it.

Looking closely at the design, you can certainly see remnants of the Nextbit Robin. I guess you could say this is the Robin’s more intimidating younger brother. He’s dressed in black with lots of metal and a snake tattoo on his back. He also probably drives a 1979 Firebird. All that metal should make this new device feel more premium than its less scary predecessor.

Razer Phone held in man's tattooed hands

Should You Buy the Razer Phone?

Priced at $699 and shipped unlocked for GSM carriers, the Razer Phone will not be cheap. Nevertheless, you get some serious hardware for your money at a lower price than some of Razer’s more seasoned competitors. The build quality is great, though it is not water-resistant, and the design is subjective. Either way, the performance is the big story here – even if you are not gaming.

Pre-orders are available now, and the phone will be released 11/17/17. You can pick it up at Razer’s online store, or other retailers.

What do you geeks think? Will you be buying one for yourself? Let us know in the comments!


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