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Ready Player One Star TJ Miller Likens His Character To Boba Fett

written by Gareth Holton May 20, 2017
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With more than a year to go before we get to see Ready Player One in cinemas, we are slowly being drip fed small morsels of information about the characters.  Deadpool star TJ Miller spoke to Fandango recently to explain his role and it sounds pretty darn cool.

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I play i-R0k and basically I am a funny, or at least mildly amusing, Boba Fett.  My character in the movie wants to be Boba Fett. Like that’s his hero, his idol, which isn’t far off for many Star Wars fans, myself included.

He explains that although his character was not in the book, he’ll have a prominent role working for Sorrento, the movie’s big bad.

…he has to commission me and I get an incredibly high fee to either find people and kill them or make them starve in the game.

I guess two villains are better than one right?

With an already packed roster, adding yet another character into the mix must be for good reason.

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Ready Player One was written by Ernest Cline and takes place in the not too distant future. The vast majority of the world’s population live out their hum drum lives as Avatars in the Oasis, a fully immersive virtual reality MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) that is stretched over countless habitable planets where anything is possible.

When the Oasis’ creator, James Halliday, passes away it’s revealed that he has left behind an Easter egg somewhere in his virtual paradise that will reward its finder with his entire fortune.  Wade Watts, or Parzival as he is called in the Oasis, is a Halliday fanboy of the highest order and after finding the first clue he begins his long journey in the Oasis to find the remaining clues that will lead him to the prize.  And so the race begins against friends, strangers and shady corporate killers.  Think Lord of The Rings mixed with the Matrix and you’re getting close.

With Steven Spielberg directing, this movie couldn’t be in better hands.   He has the Hollywood clout that is required to bring all or most of the books references together in one movie, which is needed due to Warner Brothers not having ownership of everything featured in the book.  Hey, if Disney can borrow Spiderman from Sony for a while, anything is possible, right?  With the larger part of the story taking place in a fantasy world, it makes sense that we haven’t seen a lot of filming taking place.  There’ll be green screens and mo cap suits on this one that’s for certain if the Oasis is to be shown in all its glory.  The cast is also rather stellar.  X-Men’s Ty Sheridan is Wade Watts and Bates Motel’s Olivia Cooke will play Wades mysterious competitor Art3mis.  Ben Mendelsohn will be bringing the baddie as corporate douche Nolan Sorrento and Oscar Winner Mark Rylance as Halliday himself.  Looks like Simon Pegg and TJ Miller will be bringing the funny!

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