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The Real Reason Thor Wasn’t in Civil War (Video)

written by Jason Marcano August 29, 2016

While Steve Rogers and Tony Stark were butting heads over the Sarkovia Accords, among other thingsThor was spending time in Australia (actor Chris Hemsworth’s country of origin). The son of Odin needed some “me time” after the battle with Ultron in the last Avengers’ movie, Age of Ultron.

Thor moves in with a man named Darryl Jacobson in an attempt to be around “average everyday people.” He spends time teaching children in school about The Avengers and dictating emails to Darryl for Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. In the emails Thor appeals to both Captain America and Iron Man to let him know if there is anything he can do during their “relationship problems.” He really has no idea, does he?


Eventually Bruce Banner shows up to visit his friend Thor in a funny scene at a cafe. We also get to see his theories on who the purple guy who likes to sit is. The whole video is worth a watch and it really helps give Marvel’s stable of superheroes some personality and relatability. At the end of the video Marvel lets us know that Thor: Ragnarok is currently in production.

I don’t want to spark a DC versus Marvel debate here, but this is exactly why the Marvel movies have more traction and appeal to movie goers. Their characters are still people, even with their super powers. Thor is still just a man, granted he comes off as a bit of a meathead in this video, but he has feelings and a life outside of The Avengers. In the majority of cases the DC heroes, in the films at least, are ever only themselves. Rarely do we see them doing anything outside of brooding or lamenting their place in the world.

The Marvel heroes have their own fair share of darkness, but it’s bright moments like this that ground them for audiences and make them truly feel like part of our world outside of the movie.

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Thor seems like a cool guy to hang out with, even if he spends days roasting meat in the sun. Would any of you geeks let him crash at your place for a few days if he needed some “me time?” I know I would, but only if he let me play with Mjölnir.

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