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Reboots Aplenty: Xena and Fresh Prince Hoping for Remakes

written by J Martell August 14, 2015


You’re gettin’ a reboot, and you’re gettin’ a reboot… EVERYBODY’S GETTING A REBOOT. Oprah would be proud!

Lots of reboot news this week as two popular 90’s shows (they were popular to me anyway) are currently being looked into.


First up, NBC boss (Bob Greenblatt) has told The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to see a Xena: Warrior Princess remake, they only need a writer.

“Yes, we’re in the early stages of developing a new take on Xena and we’re looking for a writer. We want to do it,” says Greenblatt.

All of this comes a short month after Lucy Lawless (Battlestar Galactica, Spartacus) , the original Xena actress, confirmed that a Xena remake was not in the cards at all. I would imagine this hints at her not being involved at this stage, but we’ll see what the next 12 months of fan/media excitement do to that sentiment. Let’s just hope that if it does happen, and if it is successful, NBC doesn’t pull its usual nonsense of cutting it before it’s ready to be cut.


We’re also hearing that Will Smith (Suicide Squad, Men In Black) is also eyeing the reboot game. According to multiple (unconfirmed) sources, Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is said to be in the preliminary (very very preliminary) stages of developing a Fresh Prince of Bel Air remake that will be giving a fresh look at the original story, set in the modern-day, and still give that humor we’d expect from the series.


Little else is known at this time (since both are still little more than hearsay and higher ups thinking out loud) but that’s still pretty exciting. These new potential remakes join other recent 90’s-reboot news such as Jumanji, Twin Peaks, Ghostbusters, Friday The 13th, Prison Break, and (of course) the super-awesome ReBoot TV Series (which, if we’re being honest, was doing the digital animation thing better than anyone and before anyone of real import back in 1994).

Whether all fans want them or not, reboots and remakes are the way a lot of TV and Movies are going in the near future. Which begs the question: Is this what you, as fans, want from the big/small screens? Or are you itching the for the days of originality to return? Let us know in the comments!

PS – You’re welcome for that Fresh Prince theme song that’s now stuck in your head. To help a bit, here’s the whole intro for your listening/viewing pleasure!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nCqRmx3Dnw]


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