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Recreate Delicious Video Game Food IRL

written by Sarah Awbrey Johnson January 1, 2017
soup in pumpkin bowl Video game food

Have you ever been playing a video game late into the night and through to morning? Of course you have. Doesn’t the food your character eats in-game start to look pretty good? Have no fear, domestic geek is here with five geeky recipes to start 2017 out on the right foot. These recipes are perfect for any geeky get-together, or just a weeknight dinner.

Main Dishes


BlamCo Mac & Cheese is the comfort food that will stand the test of time…and radiation. This delicious Fallout favorite has haunted me through game play. Sate your appetite and curiosity by trying out this interpretation! BlamCo will be your new go-to recipe for those rushed family dinner nights.


Charred Skeever meat may not sound very appetizing at first, but get an eyeful of this delicious interpretation. Pork is a great Skeever meat replacement if you don’t have a way to get to Skyrim and butcher the real thing. Anyone can eat this dish, but it takes a true Dragon Born to finish the entire thing in one sitting. This recipe is an excellent addition to any winter meal rotation as it is very hearty.


Any fan of Link and his adventures will recognize this next recipe, Pimm’s Pumpkin Soup. Restore your health this winter season with this fantastic soup. Perfect for long adventures, sick days at home, and the cold winter months this soup is sure to be a hit on any classic gamers menu.



A meal after a long day of puzzle solving wouldn’t be complete without pie, and Toriel does it best. This Butterscotch Cinnamon Pie is straight out of Undertale and great for any occasion. Reward yourself after a long day with this great recipe, a warning though eat it fast because this pie gets gobbled up fast.


The cake is not a lie! You can make the infamous Portal Cake from this recipe. Whether you just really feel like cake, or really feel like annoying GLaDos, you’ll enjoy this amazing desert either way. It also makes a fantastic birthday cake for fans of Portal and Portal 2!

Make your favorite video game foods IRL this year! Try the recipes above and send pictures to us in the comments below. I would love to see your geeky creations!

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